Discover the Power of Patented Monoglyceride Omega-3 with MAG-O3™

Unlock the full potential of Omega-3 and other dietary nutrients with our clinically studied, burp-free delivery system. Learn how MAG-O3™ technology leads the way in advanced omega-3 supplementation.


What is MAG-O3™?

A "pre-digested" Omega-3 clinically proven to optimize EPA and DHA absorption!

Our bodies naturally convert omega-3s into omega-3 monoglycerides for absorption. That's where our MAG-O3™ oil steps in. Rich in omega-3, it has undergone an advanced enzymatic process to become "pre-digested", packed with readily absorbable omega-3 monoglycerides.

With our Patented MAG-O3™ technology, the products we formulate and produce are concentrated in omega-3 monoglycerides, eliminating the need for digestion. They're seamlessly assimilated by your body. Moreover, monoglyceride fatty acids self-emulsify, bypassing the need for bile salt emulsification in the digestive process. This means they effectively bypass the digestive system and are swiftly absorbed.

This cutting-edge technology, originating from Canada, is patented across 11 countries and backed by over 20 preclinical and clinical studies!


Experience the Power of Superior Omega-3 Absorption with MAG-O3™ Monoglyceride Omega-3 

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Reach the Recommended Level of Omega-3 Index within 8 Weeks with MAG-O3™

Double Blind Pharmacodynamic Study (IO3-02)

​We now have a way to quickly and sustainably boosts the Omega-3 levels in our red blood cells. Developed by Dr. Samuel Fortin Ph.D., patented MAG-O3™ was clinically proven to help a healthy population reach the recommended Omega-3 Index level of 8% within only 8 weeks.*

In comparison, an 8 weeks supplementation of the same dosage of regular EE or rTG fish oils failed to reach the recommended Omega-3 Index level of 8%.*

As a part of an overall healthy lifestyle, an Omega-3 Index in the 8-12% range may help to maintain heart, brain, eye and joint health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Meet the Inventor

"Growing up near the St-Lawrence River, I was inspired to devote my career to finding sustainable ways to capture the benefits of biomarine nutrients. My goal is to help people live their healthiest lives through my work, including my invention and patented product, MAG-O3™."

Samuel Fortin Ph.D., Inventor and Patent Holder of MAG-O3™

MAG-O3™ for an Optimal Omega-3  Absorption

Double Blind, Randomized Crossover Pharmacokinetic Study (PK2)

Get the most out of your omega-3 supplement with MAG-O3™. Our unique monoglyceride formula has been clinically shown to deliver up to three times more EPA and DHA compared to traditional ethyl ester (EE) omega-3 supplements, and up to twice as much as re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) fish oils. Start enjoying the many health benefits of optimal omega-3 absorption today.*

  • 3X vs EE

  • 2X vs rTG

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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Optimize your AA:EPA Ratio for a Healthier and Longer Life

Multicentric Clinical Study

​Preliminary and non-statistically significant results of an ongoing pilot study is showing that an EPA-rich MAG-O3 is better and faster at improving the AA:EPA ratio vs a dose equivalent ethyl ester fish oil. An optimum AA:EPA ratio of 2.65:1 is reached within 6 weeks only, versus a little over 5:1 for its equivalent in ethyl ester after 12 weeks.*

Higher omega-3 blood levels are strongly related to improved health and longevity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Learn More About the Science of MAG-O3™

Want to learn more on MAG-O3™, the Omega-3 Index and AA:EPA ratio?

 Please refer to the articles below and visit Evidence Based Supplements Healthy Academy

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Certified IFOS 5-Star

Our MAG-O3™ fish oils and every product made with MAG-O3™ undergo rigorous testing and have received the prestigious 5-star rating from the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) certification program. IFOS only certifies fish oil products that meet the highest international standards, and the 5-star rating is the highest level of quality a fish oil can achieve.

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MAG-O3™ is Certified Sustainable by Friends of Sea

Each batch of MAG-O3™ fish oil is certified by Friends of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization dedicated to advancing environmental conservation. As a leading certification in sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal, and Omega-3 Fish Oil, a Friends of the Sea certification is your assurance of a product that respects and protects the marine environment.

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