Discover our Patent Pending Senolytic Healthy Aging Program

Experience Healthier Aging with our Patent Pending 2-Step Senolytic Program. Our program targets and reduces senescent cell buildup, promoting the natural repair and maintenance of healthy cells for graceful aging. Discover the Power of Patented Monoglyceride Omega-3 with MAG-O3.

Revolutionize Your Anti-Aging Routine with EB Supplements' Patent Pending Senolytic Program

Phase I: Eliminate Zombie Cells* (2 weeks)

EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse

The first phase of our EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging Senolytic Program is focused on getting rid of lingering senescent cells. This two-week process uses our specially formulated blend of senolytic compounds, carefully selected based on our own in-house research. The goal is to target and eliminate excess senescent cells, giving your body the chance to restore its natural balance.

Phase II: Repair Damaged Cells* (4 months)

EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging Autophagy: Cell Maintenance

EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging MAG-O3® Daily Omega-3

In this next stage of our program, we support your body's natural ability to repair and maintain healthy cells through our specially formulated blend of autophagy-boosting ingredients. Additionally, our proprietary MAG-O3™ fish oil, which is rich in monoglyceride omega 3s, provides further support by helping to prevent the formation of new senescent cells and improve nutrient absorption. Join us in taking a proactive approach to healthy aging.

A New Era in Aging: Dr. Fortin's Senolytic Research

Dr. Fortin's groundbreaking work on senolytics sheds light on the role of 'zombie cells' in aging. His studies highlight the efficacy of natural senolytic molecules, such as Fisetin, Quercetin, and EGCG, in combating these cells. Additionally, his research introduces the vital role of MAG-O3™, an omega-3 supplement, in promoting cellular rejuvenation. Through his insights, Dr. Fortin offers a scientific roadmap to proactive aging. Explore his latest findings below.

Evidence Based EB Supplements Patent Pending Systematic Approach to Healthy Aging Cleanse Supplement

Senolytic Cleanse: First Case Study  

EB Supplements Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse 

A single-subject, pilot study was conducted at our clinical facilities to evaluate the efficacy of EB Supplements™ proprietary Senolytic Cleanse formula in reducing senescent cell burden. The study showed promising results, demonstrating a potential reduction of senescent cells in less than 14 days.*

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The Omega-3 Effect:

Second Case Study

EB Supplements Healthy Aging MAG-O3™ Daily Omega-3

Dr. Fortin's groundbreaking second case study shines a spotlight on the power of omega-3, specifically our MAG-O3™ formulation, in cellular rejuvenation. This research specifically delves into the interplay between our proprietary Senolytic Cleanse blend and the MAG-O3™ supplement. Initial findings indicate that the right sequence and combination can potentially amplify the reduction of senescent cells, setting the stage for a holistic approach to healthier aging.*

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Evidence Based EB Supplements Senolytic Cleanse Ex-vivo result

Proof of Concept: 

Ex-Vivo Results

EB Supplements Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse

EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse formula marked the genesis of our journey into cellular health. In this pivotal proof-of-concept trial, human white blood cells were subjected to H2O2, a widely recognized agent inducing premature senescence. Post exposure, they were introduced to our proprietary Cleanse blend. The compelling outcomes showed a tangible decrease in the prevalence of senescent cells, hinting at a potential deceleration in biological aging.*

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See Our Senolytic Program in Action: A Visual Illustration

Evidence Based EB Supplements Patent Pending Systematic Approach to Healthy Aging

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