Revolutionizing Healthy Aging: Unveiling EB Supplements' Senolytic Cleanse Supplement

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In the journey towards healthier aging, EB Supplements has introduced an innovative product: the Senolytic Cleanse. Part of their Healthy Aging Senolytic Program, this dietary supplement is a testament to the intersection of nature and science. Here, we dive deep into the formula, its ingredients, the compelling science behind them, and the extensive research that has shaped this revolutionary product.

The Senolytic Cleanse Formula

The Senolytic Cleanse is a meticulously formulated supplement consisting of:

  • Fisetin (100 mg/cap): Sourced from Rhus Succedanea, a natural flavonol known for its vibrant coloring properties in various fruits and vegetables.
  • Quercetin (500 mg/cap): Extracted from Sophora japonica, this flavonoid is abundant in numerous plants and foods.
  • Green Tea Extract Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) 95% (50 mg/cap): Derived from Camellia sinensis Leaf, it's rich in catechins, primarily known for its presence in green tea.

The Power of Ingredients

  1. Fisetin: A polyphenol that has garnered attention for its senolytic properties - it selectively targets and eliminates senescent cells. Fisetin's role in extending the lifespan of various organisms and its potential anti-cancer activity make it an essential component of the cleanse.
  2. Quercetin: Another plant flavonol, Quercetin, is notable for its presence in a variety of foods. With its robust antioxidant properties, it plays a significant role in combating inflammation and cellular aging.
  3. EGCG: Epigallocatechin gallate, primarily found in green tea, is renowned for its health benefits, including its potential to suppress premature cellular senescence.

Scientific Backing and Studies

Dr. Fortin's Ex-Vivo Studies

Dr. Fortin's ex-vivo studies on the Senolytic Cleanse are pivotal in establishing its efficacy. These studies utilized human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), a key component of the immune system. PBMCs from healthy volunteers were treated with hydrogen peroxide to induce senescence, simulating cellular aging. Subsequent treatment with the Senolytic Cleanse, containing Fisetin, Quercetin, and EGCG, led to a significant decrease in senescent cells. Notably, the cleanse blend was more effective than its individual components, showcasing its synergy and efficiency, especially under oxidative stress conditions, highlighting its potential in combating age-related cellular stress.

Interaction with Omega-3 Supplements

An unexpected outcome of Dr. Fortin's research was the interaction between the Senolytic Cleanse and Omega-3 supplements, particularly MAG-O3. This combination surprisingly increased the percentage of senescent cells, suggesting a biochemical interaction between the blend and Omega-3 fatty acids. Consequently, EB Supplements developed a two-step program. Phase I focuses on using the Senolytic Cleanse alone to reduce senescent cells. Phase II then incorporates a MAG-O3 Omega-3 supplements in addition to and supplement promoting Autophagy and Cell Maintenance for cellular repair and rejuvenation. This approach, enhanced by pre-treatment with MAG-O3 Omega-3 supplements, offers a comprehensive method for healthy aging.

Dr. Fortin's Human Case Studies

Dr. Fortin's human case studies provide crucial insights into the real-world application of the Senolytic Cleanse. The first study involved a 48-year-old male who experienced a noticeable reduction in senescent PBMCs after a 21-day regimen of the Senolytic Cleanse, demonstrating the 'hit-and-run' efficacy of the treatment. The second study examined the enhanced effectiveness of the cleanse following Omega-3 supplementation. A subject underwent a two-week cleanse, followed by 21 weeks of Omega-3 supplementation, and another round of the cleanse, resulting in a significant decline in senescent cells. These studies validate the Senolytic Cleanse's practical efficacy and its synergistic potential with Omega-3 supplements, informing EB Supplements' two-step program for proactive aging management.

EB Supplements' Dynamic Approach to Aging: The 2-Step Senolytic and Rejuvenation Cycle

EB Supplements has strategically incorporated the Senolytic Cleanse into its innovative two-step Healthy Aging Senolytic Program, specifically crafted to tackle the complexities of aging at a cellular level.

Phase I - Targeted Senolytic Action

This initial phase, spanning two weeks, utilizes the Senolytic Cleanse, a powerful combination of Fisetin, Quercetin, and EGCG. It is designed to target and reduce senescent cells, effectively clearing out cellular components that contribute to the aging process.

Phase II - Repair and Rejuvenation

Following the senolytic action, the program enters its second phase, focusing on cellular repair and rejuvenation. This stage highlights the crucial role of Omega-3 supplements and other vital nutrients in promoting autophagy and enhancing cellular health, thus rejuvenating the body at a cellular level.

After completing Phase II, the program cycles back to Phase I, repeating the process. This cyclical approach ensures a continuous and dynamic regimen, alternating between eliminating senescent cells and nourishing the body’s cellular structures. This repeating cycle allows for sustained benefits, addressing both the clearing of aging cells and the promotion of cellular health and longevity, encapsulating EB Supplements' comprehensive vision for healthy aging.

Conclusion: A Pioneering Step Towards Healthier Aging

EB Supplements' Senolytic Cleanse and the accompanying Healthy Aging Program represent a landmark achievement in the field of senolytics and healthy aging. This innovative approach, grounded in scientific research and natural ingredients, offers a promising path for those seeking to age with vitality and health.

For anyone looking to support their journey towards a healthier, more vibrant aging process, the Senolytic Cleanse and the Healthy Aging Program by EB Supplements provide a scientifically backed, nature-inspired solution.

December 19, 2023
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