Senolytic Cleanse: Dr. Fortin's Senescent Cells Reduction Study

Explore Dr. Samuel Fortin's case study on Senescent Cells Reduction with EB Supplements™ Senolytic Cleanse, a breakthrough in healthy aging and cellular health.
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In our quest for healthy aging, a critical challenge is the accumulation of senescent cells, often labeled as "zombie cells." These cells, having lost their ability to proliferate, secrete inflammatory substances, contributing to aging and age-related diseases. Recent research has focused on Senolytics - agents like Fisetin, Quercetin, and EGCG - which selectively target and eliminate these senescent cells. Leveraging this research, Dr. Samuel Fortin, Associate Professor at the Université du Québec in Rimouski and expert in the field of omega-3 and cellular health, contributed to the development of EB Supplements™ Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse, a proprietary blend aimed at reducing excess senescent cells. A case study involving this product highlighted its potential efficacy in lowering excess senescent cell levels in a 48-year-old volunteer, marking a promising advancement in the field of aging and cellular health management.

Study Objectives and Methodology

Dr. Samuel Fortin's study focused on evaluating EB Supplements™ Senolytic Cleanse supplement in reducing senescent cells in a 48-year-old male participant. The methodology was meticulous, involving a halt in Omega-3 supplements prior to beginning the supplementation period. This decision was informed by his earlier ex-vivo study, which found that combining Omega-3 supplements with the senolytic blend unexpectedly elevated senescent cell levels. Thus, discontinuing Omega-3 supplementation was crucial to avoid any counterproductive effects on the efficacy of "The Cleanse" in reducing senescent cells.

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) were isolated using gradient centrifugation, a standard and effective method for cell separation. Senescence levels in these cells were then measured using a B-galactosidase fluorescence assay at set intervals, providing a clear picture of how Senolytic Cleanse supplement impacted the senescent cell population over the three-week study period.

Key Findings

The case study yielded insightful results, observing a marked decrease in senescent cell levels, from 42% to 27%, within just one week of starting "The Cleanse" regimen. This rapid decline plateaued over the next two weeks, maintaining at a consistent rate. These findings suggest the effectiveness of a 'hit-and-run' approach in senolytic treatment. The 'hit-and-run' model implies that short, intensive bursts of treatment can be significantly effective in reducing senescent cell levels, a key factor in age-related cellular health. The study's outcome underlines the potential of "The Cleanse" in managing cellular senescence, contributing to healthier aging processes.

Implications and Conclusions

The results of Dr. Fortin's study not only exhibit the direct and potential impact of EB Supplements™ Senolytic Cleanse supplement in reducing senescent cells but also support the prevailing scientific consensus on the senolytic action of its components, Fisetin, Quercetin, and EGCG. This aligns with existing literature, affirming the role of these compounds in combating cellular aging, and further emphasizes the significance of strategic senolytic interventions in promoting healthy aging.

The case study on EB Supplements™ Senolytic Cleanse by Dr. Samuel Fortin provides a compelling narrative for senolytic therapy's role in healthy aging. The sharp drop in senescent cells over an initial two-week course validates the 'hit-and-run' therapeutic model. Such findings not only suggests the blend's efficacy but also encourage further senolytic research.


Special thanks to Dr. Fortin for his groundbreaking work in this area.

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December 19, 2023
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