Fish Oil Supplements Raise Risk for Heart Issues & Stroke – Really?


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Fish Oil Supplements Raise Risk for Heart Issues & Stroke – Really?

An OmegaQuant Nutrition Talks FREE WEBINAR Featuring Dr. William S. Harris

Free OmegaQuant Webinar with Dr. Harris

Event Details: The EB Supplements team invites you to join this informative FREE WEBINAR presented by Dr. William S. Harris, President of the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI), as we delve into the recent BMJ study that has sparked widespread debate about the safety of fish oil supplements. 

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 18 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT Online Event

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Event Description: Recent headlines have caused quite a stir among consumers and the medical community regarding the safety of fish oil supplements. A new study published in the BMJ on May 22nd concluded that healthy people should avoid fish oil supplements due to potential heart health risks, specifically stroke and atrial fibrillation. In this webinar, Dr. Harris will address what these findings mean for those who take fish oil supplements and provide insights into why you shouldn’t ditch your supplements just yet.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the BMJ study authors reached their conclusions
  • How recent evidence contrasts with the findings of this study and why this matters
  • Why people can continue to take their fish oil supplements in light of new evidence
  • Why testing is the most accurate way to assess whether you should take supplements
  • How much evidence supports having optimal omega-3 levels and what that means for your heart health

Speaker: Dr. William S. Harris, PhD President, Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI) Dr. Harris is a leading researcher in the omega-3 fatty acid field with over 40 years of experience and more than 360 scientific papers. He has been on the faculty of three medical schools and received numerous NIH grants for his research on omega-3s. As the co-inventor of the Omega-3 Index and founder of OmegaQuant Analytics, Dr. Harris is among the top 2% of scientists worldwide based on the impact of his research.

Important Note: Even if you cannot attend the live event, make sure to register to receive a recording of the webinar. 

About Dr. Harris: Dr. Harris, President of the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI), has been a pioneering figure in the omega-3 fatty acid research for over four decades. His extensive work includes co-authoring American Heart Association statements on fatty acids and heart health, and his contributions have significantly advanced the understanding of omega-3s in maintaining cardiovascular health. As a co-inventor of the Omega-3 Index, Dr. Harris has developed tools that have transformed how omega-3 levels are measured and managed, providing invaluable insights for both healthcare professionals and consumers.

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Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
1:00 PM 2:00 PM (America/Montreal)

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