Revolutionize Your Practice: Integrating EB Supplements Senolytic Program

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Revolutionizing Cellular Health: EB Supplements' Approach to Healthy Aging

Dive into the science of cellular health with our latest webinar, 'Revolutionizing Cellular Health: EB Supplements™' Approach to Healthy Aging.' In this insightful session, we explore groundbreaking strategies for combating cellular aging, with a focus on EB Supplements' innovative Healthy Aging Senolytic Program. Learn about the role of our patented products, including our MAG-O3™ Daily Omega-3, our Autophagy Cell Maintenance and Senolytic Cleanse, in enhancing cellular repair, combating stress factors and regulating senescent (zombie) cells. Ideal for healthcare practitioners, this webinar provides valuable insights on integrating these advanced yet fundamental supplements into clinical practice, offering a new frontier in supporting patient health and wellness.

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Unlock the Potential of Senolytics in Healthcare - Transform Patient Outcomes

About this Webinar?

Join us for an enlightening session, hosted by Dr. Kylie Burton and Mike Rhees, featuring a dynamic presentation by EB Supplements™ CEO Francois-Karl Brouillette and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Samuel Fortin. Dive into the science behind our Healthy Aging Senolytic Program and discover its groundbreaking impact on cellular health and aging. This webinar is a unique opportunity for healthcare practitioners to gain insights directly from the minds behind our innovative approach.

François-Karl Brouillette, M.Sc.
EB Supplements™ CEO and Partner

Samuel Fortin, Ph.D.
EB Supplements™ CSO and Partner

Who Should Watch? 

This webinar is designed for healthcare professionals, clinicians, and practitioners looking to enhance their patient care strategies with advanced senolytic solutions. It’s a must-attend for those committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in healthy aging and integrative medicine.

Session Details

Duration: 45 minutes


EB Supplements™ Senolytic Program: The Science and Research Behind It. 

Introduction to the science, research studies, and products of our Healthy Aging Senolytic Program.

Case Studies and Protocol Integration Into your Practice

Discussion on integrating the program into clinical protocols, including practical application, protocols, and case studies.


Here Dr. Fortin and M. Brouillette will answer all your questions!

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Date & Time
Monday January 29, 2024
12:00 PM 1:00 PM (America/Montreal)

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